Monday, August 17, 2009

t minus two days to go

i hope you watched the 100m final last night. if you've ever gotten chills from an athletic performance, this one will make your goosebumps look like a tickled gosling. usain bolt crushed the world record and tyson gay dominated the american record (and still got second). it was the most awesome display of athleticism i've ever witnessed. if that doesn't get you fired up, i'm pretty sure you're dead.
that's kind of the way of it around here. oh look, there goes another world record. oh look, there goes another american record. it's incredible to be around such greatness. as i speak bekele just made the best 10000m runners in the world look like children playing tag on a playground.
i've been to the practice track twice. and met some really awesome people and talents. yesterday dwight phillips and i ran into each other some 20 times throughout the day, no joke. it actually was becoming a joke...i claimed he was stalking me and he vice versa. who is dwight phillips you ask? oh, only a three time world champion long jumper. no big deal. obviously he wasn't stalking me!!!
the reason i give such an example is what an inspiration it is to be around such HUMBLE athletes and what an experience it is to be among a level of excellence and an expectation of such excellence. as an american athlete you are expected to make a final, you are expected to represent, and you are expected to give it EVERYTHING. there is nothing less. as they say, you represent the best team in the world.
with all that being said, i have my prelim on wednesday morning. my body is struggling a bit at the moment with my back and hamstring tight and sore. but i'm confident that when that gun goes off, all the pain and discomfort will slide off my back, into my wind trail, and be left as dust on the track.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a quick berlin overview

so i'm here.
arrived on saturday after many, many, many hours of travel and delays. somehow my bags made it to berlin before i did. AND didn't get lost. that's a story the airlines don't often report...
there are two hotels in berlin that house the athletes and all their support staff. we are in the estrel hotel which has over 1000 rooms, a concert hall, 4 restaurants, and a spa. compared to my accommodations in belgium, i am living in the lap of luxury.
there is a ton of energy in the air, there are tvs everywhere showing the meet and even a projector in the eating hall as big as a movie theater screen.
we all eat in the same common area and the food is actually really good. there are cooks preparing as you serve and the hall is open intermittendently from 6am to 11:30pm. your only excuse for underperforming is overeating!
the usa staff has a wing in the hotel with anything and everything you could possibly need. doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, a sports psychologist, computers, more tvs, games, an ice bath, food, snacks, drinks, everything you could want/!
i have been utlizing these services to the fullest as i try and get my sciatic nerve and si joint issues under control for wednesday's prelim.
there are buses every 20 minutes to the olympic stadium and buses every 30 minutes to the practice track.
security is tight. no one is allowed to enter the hotel unless you are an accredited athlete and/or staff member or coach. my agent wasn't allowed in the door yesterday!
there is a forest about a ten minute jog from here, beautiful trails that eventually lead you to the spree river for more paths to run along.
a three minute walk will also bring you to the ring which is the metro line that does a full circle around the city. you can then connect to any other metro line for quick access to the downtown. best part is it's free for the week to all athletes.
i'll be sure to post some pictures later. i'm heading to the practice track this afternoon for a run and some strides. last workout tomorrow!

it's been a while...

my apologies for the long lag between this entry and the last. it's been a crazy few weeks of training, preparing, and resting (of all the terrible things to do!). i'll fill you in on a couple of key workouts that have prepared me for wednesday's race, here in berlin!

*4x1200m- 3:49 cutting down to 3:32
*3200m time trial w/pace changes- goal to complete the pace changes 76-76-72-76-76-72-76-76 = 10:00. actual overall time 9:48 with 400m pick-ups at 71 and 69 with in between quarters well under pace.
*4x800m/300m- 2:32/54 cutting down to 2:15/48 w/quicker pace jog for 300m between

there were a few other workouts in there, but you get the idea. despite the dreadful heat and humidity, i've had a solid few weeks of training in dc. a quick shout-out to a few of my training partners that paced me through: mcgovern, duffy, slicko, drath, barresi, and even farley for the few recovery runs he dragged me through. thank you guys.

a few people asked me why i returned from belgium instead of staying in europe like most others to prepare for worlds. that was a decision i wavered on for a few days, but i now see that returning home was my best bet to prepare physically and emotionally. i needed to get back to basics, back with my friends and family, and back with coach. as i sit here in berlin, i feel recovered, prepared, and excited to get out there on wednesday. being away from my familiar surroundings for too long without the same support system i have back home would have been difficult. thanks to everyone who kept me busy and motivated these last few weeks.
i hope i make you proud on wednesday (and maybe even saturday).