Monday, August 17, 2009

t minus two days to go

i hope you watched the 100m final last night. if you've ever gotten chills from an athletic performance, this one will make your goosebumps look like a tickled gosling. usain bolt crushed the world record and tyson gay dominated the american record (and still got second). it was the most awesome display of athleticism i've ever witnessed. if that doesn't get you fired up, i'm pretty sure you're dead.
that's kind of the way of it around here. oh look, there goes another world record. oh look, there goes another american record. it's incredible to be around such greatness. as i speak bekele just made the best 10000m runners in the world look like children playing tag on a playground.
i've been to the practice track twice. and met some really awesome people and talents. yesterday dwight phillips and i ran into each other some 20 times throughout the day, no joke. it actually was becoming a joke...i claimed he was stalking me and he vice versa. who is dwight phillips you ask? oh, only a three time world champion long jumper. no big deal. obviously he wasn't stalking me!!!
the reason i give such an example is what an inspiration it is to be around such HUMBLE athletes and what an experience it is to be among a level of excellence and an expectation of such excellence. as an american athlete you are expected to make a final, you are expected to represent, and you are expected to give it EVERYTHING. there is nothing less. as they say, you represent the best team in the world.
with all that being said, i have my prelim on wednesday morning. my body is struggling a bit at the moment with my back and hamstring tight and sore. but i'm confident that when that gun goes off, all the pain and discomfort will slide off my back, into my wind trail, and be left as dust on the track.


  1. Love your blog! That last sentence is very poetic. GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll continue to dominate.

  2. Go julie, you are AWESOME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! XOXOOX