Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's been a while...

my apologies for the long lag between this entry and the last. it's been a crazy few weeks of training, preparing, and resting (of all the terrible things to do!). i'll fill you in on a couple of key workouts that have prepared me for wednesday's race, here in berlin!

*4x1200m- 3:49 cutting down to 3:32
*3200m time trial w/pace changes- goal to complete the pace changes 76-76-72-76-76-72-76-76 = 10:00. actual overall time 9:48 with 400m pick-ups at 71 and 69 with in between quarters well under pace.
*4x800m/300m- 2:32/54 cutting down to 2:15/48 w/quicker pace jog for 300m between

there were a few other workouts in there, but you get the idea. despite the dreadful heat and humidity, i've had a solid few weeks of training in dc. a quick shout-out to a few of my training partners that paced me through: mcgovern, duffy, slicko, drath, barresi, and even farley for the few recovery runs he dragged me through. thank you guys.

a few people asked me why i returned from belgium instead of staying in europe like most others to prepare for worlds. that was a decision i wavered on for a few days, but i now see that returning home was my best bet to prepare physically and emotionally. i needed to get back to basics, back with my friends and family, and back with coach. as i sit here in berlin, i feel recovered, prepared, and excited to get out there on wednesday. being away from my familiar surroundings for too long without the same support system i have back home would have been difficult. thanks to everyone who kept me busy and motivated these last few weeks.
i hope i make you proud on wednesday (and maybe even saturday).

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