Monday, July 20, 2009


Is the number 13 an unlucky or a lucky number?
Wikipedia (always a reliable source) tells me that 13 has been coined an unlucky numbers since the early 1900s (I believe Jason's victims would all agree), Apollo 13 another example and the always missing 13th floor.
In Christianity the number 13 signifies the number of Apostles (12+Paul) and 13 participants at the last supper. There were 13 stars and stripes in the original American flag. In Mandarin, 13 can mean 'definitely vibrant' or 'assured growth'.
Today is my last day in Belgium. sigh...
It is also my 13th full day here. My 13th full day with a race planted right on the tail end. Lets hope 13 in the religion of running signifies luck, strength, and fast times...
1500m tonight- 8:20pm
Gent, Belgium

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