Sunday, July 19, 2009

gent to leuven to heusden to leuven to gent to gentfestival

It's been a busy 36 hours!
Yesterday I went to the Heusden meet as a spectator. It feels so good to spectate when you are all healthy. We all know what it feels like to spectate when you are injured or sick, but when you're healthy you can ACTUALLY ENJOY watching the meet (without feeling jealous).
It was incredible...incredible races, incredible camaraderie, tons of excitement, making new friends, and catching up with old friends. Check out some of the pictures. This is what a track meet SHOULD be like: BEER, WINE, a coffee shop, a bar, a french fry stand, a sausage and hamburger stand, people in lawn chairs, in tents, and in stands. The stadium was filled to capacity, so exciting!
We've traveled with the same crew to each meet. The bus picks up at our base in Gent, then we pick up the crew and Leuven, then onto whichever meet we are competing. It's been awesome hanging out with everyone between the two camps and cheering for each other at the meets. The American team is LOOKING GOOD!!!
Today was yet another relaxing day. Slept in, hung out, napped...finally got out of bed at noon. Went for a 60 min run. Met up with a friend in Gent Centrum to check out the festival. So many street performers, vendors, bands, entertainment, drinking, etc. The whole festival is about a mile square, it's incredible and will be going on through next weekend. The whole city is in attendance. I rode "townie" bikes all around Gent and around some of the parks and such. It was so wonderful, the energy in the city is incredible.
Relaxing evening. Time to get back into race mode. 1500m here in Gent on Tuesday. Pulling for another PR... is that greedy?

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  1. Julie - The pictures are awesome. I like the mix of black and white and color. More pictures!

    Your fans deserve more pictures.

    And stop eating french fries.