Sunday, July 12, 2009

day five, what happened in the beginning?

here we go. day five. not one, two, three, or four. i almost burst into tears upon hearing the news: "no internet, only for students." WHAT? all those that know me know me as the texting, gchatting, emailing queen. trying not to be rude, but yeah, sometimes it's in awkward moments (sorry friends). now i'm in a foreign country with no phone? text? email?
quiet. this is what coach has been preaching about. "turn your phone off, disconnect, reconnect." i'm in gent, belgium.
i was running through the streets on day two and i started to reconnect. now, side note: when you haven't reconnected in a while, it kind of takes you by surprise. i'm not thinking about anyone else. i'm thinking about me. no drama, no friend's drama, no family drama, no issues, no relationships, no noise.
i spent the first few days reading, wandering, thinking, sleeping, eating, and running solo. is this the isolation coach was talking about?
my first race was yesterday, a 1500m in kortrijk, belgium. in retrospect i think i was more excited about seeing familiar faces than i was about racing. it felt so good to see my fellow competition that i forgot i wanted to kick it to 'em on the track.
the race came, the race went, i never got into it. lets chalk that one up to a "rust-buster"...
wednesday we dance.

wednesday, july 15th
liege, belgium.

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