Friday, July 24, 2009

bring on the humidity

i'm back.
dc va bound, i started my trek early wednesday morning after an evening filled with 1500s, friends, and a celebration toast or two. what successful trip is rightfully ended without a little fun? none of mine, that's for sure.
the 1500 was solid, another personal best, but not quite as fast as i feel fit. it was one of those races where you are satisfied, but completely unsatisfied with the result. i have struggled the last four months with sciatic nerve issues in my back through my back leg and it was flared the evening of the gent 1500m. it doesn't sideline you, it simply caps your capability and limits your mobility. we all struggle with nagging injuries, novice to professional, riding that fine line between insignificant and chronic. this nuisance will have to remain at bay for a few more weeks...
i'm berlin bound.
so bring on the humidity...
belgium's weather was perfect for training: at most 80 degrees with very little humidity. why would i want to train in perfect conditions? when are the conditions ever perfect on race day? why would i want the next three weeks to be easy? i'm being facetious.
i'm back to dc and va to train because this is my home, my coach, my support system, my bed, my comfort zone. if i want to get my mind right, i know where i need to be. i'm sorry to the mosquitoes i befriended that i will no longer be in the astrid house for meals...
3 weeks till my plane departs.

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