Friday, July 17, 2009

another recovery day, another day zzzzzzz.

who can beat sleeping in, hanging around the dorms, a slow run, a late lunch, a mid-afternoon nap, a cappuccino guzzle, a euro shopping trek, a late evening second run, an in-dorm dinner, and a large group crowded around a computer to watch the Paris Golden League? can i live this life every day? please? someone?
back to basics, in case you are interested in the set-up here. we call it the base. i live in a dorm. my room has a single bed, a sink, and a desk. there are no screens on the windows so every morning i wake up with at least 10 new mosquito bites. the bathrooms are co-ed, the showers are co-ed. there is one kitchen on every floor and if you're lucky and know how to work the system, you can get a trace of internet on the rooftop lounge. there is grocery store next door and the university of gent is across the street. we are in a residential section of town. a ten minute tram ride away takes you to the city centrum. that's where my pictures are from. it's absolutely beautiful and hopping with people, canals, shops, cafes, etc. gent festival begins tomorrow and they've been setting up for days. there are tons of parties and celebrations planned.
the track is exactly a 20 minute run from our dorm. it's perfect. there is an outdoor track, an indoor track, a weight room, a lake, a beach, and tons of wood chip trails. the setup is perfect. oh, and did i mention there are bars at every outdoor track? yes, athletics competitions are social events in europe. there are full indoor and outdoor bars at all the meets. they are usually operating during practice hours too. when will the us understand that the key to making track popular is alcohol?
tomorrow i will workout and then head to heusden to watch some races. my next race is a 1500m here in gent and then i will head home.

to train for worlds.
(i am pinching myself)

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